Deen Sons Moves

Terms & Conditions

  • The customer has to provide the parking facility.
  • Customer has the right to cancel the job within 72 hours of the job time, however under the cancellation, 25% of the quotation shall not be returned.
  • If the customer cancels the job on the day of the move the customer will have to pay 25% of the job value.
  • To book your job day you must pay 10% deposit.
  • Insurance will include one million public liability cover and £10,000 worth of cover for goods in transit. This is standard with every job.
  • The minimum job period is two hours.
  • Full payment must be cleared upon completion of the job on same day.
  • If there is a time gap between handing over the property or to take the new keys, prior notification is needed otherwise waiting charge will be added.
  • The workers will take breaks periodically and in hourly job there is 15 minutes break every three hours.
  • Damage of goods can only be claimed if the packing is undertaken by Deen Sons Moves Ltd.
  • In any event of rude behaviour or obsessive language, the job will be canceled.
  • On the day of the move if you have extra items then you will have to pay additional charges.
  • Dumping charges start from £150.
  • Emergency overnight storage charges will be £200 per van.
  • If customer wants to claim any damage to goods or property, then the damage should be shown on the day of the move and hence correspondingly claimed.
  • You can choose cash or online transfer as a method of payment.